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"I am female," I complained. "That 'it' business is really getting on my nerves."
"Because of the body you wear?"
"Because of me," I hissed
"By whose definiton?"
"How about yours? In my species, I am the one that bears young. Is that not female enough for you?"

I realized, when he smiled then, that I wanted him to like me. The rest - the hand on my face, the fingers on my arm - I still wasn't sure at all about those. But I wanted him to like me, and to think kind things about me.

"Ian, what if I'd come here in Magnolia's body?"

"Body and soul. Two different things, in my case."

"Cheetos!" I cried. "Really? For me?"

"I'm staring at...hope."

"No. I - I love you, too. Me, the little silver worm in the back of her head. But my body doesn't love you. I can't love you. I can never love you in this body, Ian. It pulls me in two. It's unbearable."

"Eight full lives, eight full lives and I never found anyone I would stay on a planet for, anyone I would follow when they left. I never found a partner. Why now? Why you? You're not one of my species. How can you be my partner?”

“I, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian. And that will never change, no matter what I might become. If I were a Dolphin or a Bear or a Flower, it wouldn't matter. I will always love you, always remember you. You will be my only partner.”

"I truly love you, Ian" [...] "With my whole soul, I love you"

“ Thanks Jared, You know how much I love you. With my whole heart”

“Heart and soul. Not the same thing , in my case”

"As I took another breath, I saw the three stars again. They were not calling to me; they were letting me go, leaving me to the black universe I had wandered for so many lifetimes. I drifted into the black, and it got brighter and brighter. I wasn't black at all-it was blue. Warm, vibrant, brilliant blue...I floated into it with no fear at all."

"Jared is my past, another life. You are my present."
"And your future, if you want that."
"Yes, please."


"Her name is Wanda, not It. You will not touch her. Any mark you leave on her, I will double on your worthless hide."

"'I'll be back soon. Don't be afraid.'
'I'm not.'
He ducked in and touched his lips to my forehead.”

Jamie- "You want something, Ian?"
Ian- "Sure, kid. I want you to tell Jared he's shameless."

"It's not the face, but the expressions on it. It's not the voice, but what you say. It's not how you look in that body, but the things you do with it. You are beautiful."

"Time is on my side. We've got the rest of our lives in here. One day you'll wonder what you ever saw in Jared."

"You're my very favorite person in the known universe."

“Still not sleeping well?”
“It’s too quiet.”
“I could sleep with you - Oh, calm down, Melanie. You know what I meant.”

"You. Are. Not. Leaving. Me."

"But I love her, Ian."
"But I love you. Doesn't that matter?"

“Is it so unbearable to have me love you? Is that it? I can keep my mouth shut, Wanda. I won't say it again. You can be with Jared, if that's what you want. Just stay.”

"I truly love you too, my Wanderer"

"I held you in my hand, Wanderer. And you were so beautiful."

"'Good or bad?' he demanded.
'That's what I thought.' And his voice was a growl."

"Wanderer? We're all waiting for you, honey. Open your eyes."


"Please don't run away. And, um, I'd rather you didn't kick me again, either."

"Don't worry, Mel. Miracles don't work that way. I'll never lose you. I'll never let you get away from me."

“You and I won’t each other”, he promise “ I will always find you again”

“Neither heaven not hell can keep me apart from you”

"The body and the person locked inside it belong to me."

"Melanie will always be mine. And I will always be hers."

"Melanie Stryder!" It was so loud in my ear, a grown that was almost a shout. "You will not leave me. Don't you love me? Prove it! Prove it! Damn it Mel! Get back here!"

"I'm warning you, Mel," Jared said, still smiling widely. Teasing. "You better stay right here. I'm not making any guarantees about what I will or won't do to get you back."

"Hey Baby."


"You never know how much time you'll have."

"Who cares how it works if it doesn't help us? I know-let's kill her!"

'That stopped him short. I felt almost smug.'
Mel- "As you should. He's wrong and he's being a pig about it."
Wanda- "Thank you."
Mel- "We girls have to stick together."

(After telling Jared to stop calling her it)

"Wow, Ian too. I'm glad I missed that part."

“I think Ian likes you too much”

“After all the planets and all the hosts you've left behind, you've finally found the place and the body you'd die for. I think you've found your home Wanderer”

Thank you, Wanda. My sister. I will never forget you.
Be happy, Mel. Enjoy it all. Appreciate it for me.
I will
, she promised”


"Why does Jared have Sharon in a headlock?"

"Ian didn't come. He just sat here with you - he said he didn't care what you looked like. He wouldn't let anyone else put a finger on your tank at all, not even me or Mel. But Doc let me watch this time. It was way cool, Wanda. I don't know why you wouldn't let me watch before. They wouldn't let me help, though. Ian wouldn't let anyone touch you but him."


"Kyle needs a gun pulled on him more often."


"Aw hell, it didn't fall"

"I don't think I was wrong, but you did save my life. I don't know why, but you did. So I figure, a life for a life. I won't kill you. I'll pay the debt that way."

"Who's got the crush on a worm, bro? You are goin to call me stupid?"


“medically speaking, I’m not sure that was the most helpful thing for his condition.” (when Jared punched Kyle)

"Well, maybe a few more minutes of unconsciousness won't kill him."

Doc- "Aaron, Andy, Wes... would you, ah, go get Sharon for me, please?"
One of the above- "All of us?"
Jeb- "Get out." Jeb translated

"You are the noblest, purest creature I've ever met. The universe will be a darker place without you."

"That's just great. We've got a bloody queen mother alien living with us. She could blow into a million new buggers at any moment."
Andy or Aaron

Thanks to purple_flow for the contribucion

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